Enrich Commencement Experience

Empower your students and guests

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Publish Commencement Program

  • Commencement Schedule

    Publish detailed schedule of the entire commencement period and individual ceremonies

  • Speaker Profiles

    Provide information about commencement and student speakers by publishing their bios with photos

  • Go Green

    Reduce carbon footprint and save printing costs by going green and mobilizing the commencement program

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Access to Graduate Resources

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  • Caps and Gowns

    Inform graduates about when and where to get their caps and gowns before the commencement

  • Tickets

    Communicate details about ticket availabiliy and how to get tickets for graduates and guests

  • Policies and Procedures

    Communicate code of conduct, procedural information and other policies to follow before and during the commencement

Improve Guest Experience

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  • Campus Maps

    Publish detailed campus and improve navigation within campus during commencement

  • Driving Directions

    Provide easy to use directions to commencement location and nearby amenities

  • Parking Information

    Communicate special parking instrutions and up-to-date traffic updates

Communicate Instantly

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  • Push Notifications

    Send instant alerts to graduates and guests

  • Conversation

    Empowers students to post messages and photos during the commencement

  • Graduate and Guest Feedback

    Instantly collect and summarize feedback from students and guests

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