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Member Directory

  • Member Listings

    Provide access to member directory with contact information and profile information

  • Partners and Vendors Listings

    Easy access to vendors and partners

  • Search

    Empower members to connect with other members and partners by searching by name, location or product

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Member Resources

  • Event Calendar

    Provide instant access to upcoming events and registration information

  • Legislation

    Communicate information about active legislations and legislative events

  • Policies

    Provides access to membership policies and guidelines

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Member Access

  • Leadership

    Provide easy access to leadership profile

  • Contacts

    Instant access to contact information of staff and leadership

  • Maps & Directions

    Convenient access to maps, location and driving directions

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Member Engagement

  • Member Feedback

    Seek and collect continuous feedback from members and partners

  • Promote Conversations

    Fosters communication by enabling members to post messages and photos

  • Push Notifications

    Communicate instant messages and news updates through push notifications

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